Gearing Up

I cannot even begin to describe what I’ve felt in 2016. I guess chaos best sums it up. I don’t mean that as a negative or a positive. Just simply a mess. So with 2017 rapidly approaching, I decided to buckle down and create a plan for my life. Personal. Professional. Financial. You name it. […]

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Zero to Sixty

It’s been just over a year since my last post. To say things have changed would be a massive understatement. To spare you the word count, I’ll provide a few highlights: My daughter (5) started preschool. My son (3) started soccer. My wife and I bought a new house. I became the President of a […]

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What In The World

In the past few days, people all over the world have been exposed to crisis’. In the US, the “crisis” exist in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve done my best to hold back from speaking on what is happening there as every view is often turned or twisted. I am now beyond that point. I am sick […]

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Don’t Give Up The Fight.

For the past several months I’ve had an extremely heavy heart for people struggling with addictions, depression, self-harm, suicide, etc. To be honest – I don’t even know where the heaviness came from. I’m not a victim and I’m not even sure I know many people who have been affected by these things. But I’m human and […]

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My Morningbird.

Not too long ago I was spending time discovering new artists on Spotify and came across Forest Sun‘s “Morningbird.” For some reason, it just hit home. My soul was moved. I played it on repeat trying to figure out why it felt so right. Then while we were at the beach this past Martin Luther […]

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Coke or Cocaine?

Every year right around the first of January I make a pledge to change bad habits or devote myself to more good habits. Eat healthier. Workout more. Read my Bible more. And the list goes on… Most years I start out really well — then about five days in something happens. The burger I pledged to stay […]

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